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Fred verwondert, verbaast, verrijkt, verbeeldt, verwerkt, vermaakt, verlegt, verwoordt, verandert, verstilt...

There are many sites about (starting) entrepreneurs. But for the creative people who want to live as an 'artrepreneur' that is a lot less. As a company coach at the AKV | St.Joost and at the Master Institute for Visual Culture I know from my own experience that this group of makers and designers want and deserve a different approach. They are also rightly not brought up with the economic concepts, so that they can develop freely, regardless of market thinking. The same applies to the traditional freelancer who, for example, has a carpentry company because he was passionate about woodworking. A kind of business because you have to. But it is also about using their talents to conquer a place in society. And then it is not (only) about earning money, but also about social relevance. But art and business are fortunately close together. Both groups of creators of life! You can find more information on my linkedin page.

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