Entrepreneurs are artists! And vice versa!

Fred van Hoek

24 februari, 2020


Effectuation vs Lineair denken

As a business coach of creative freelancers (artists, creators, designers, prgrammeurs etc) I see a lot of similarities between the creatives and the entrepreneurs. 
Namely their way of thinking and doing are the same. With lean and agile thinking and working, especially in the start-up community, thinking has shifted from linear, causal thinking to a more enduring way of thinking and doing: namely: effectuation.

Here an illustration of linear case thinking and effectuation.

Effectuation is based on the means that are already available, and by experimenting with these means, they arrive at a certain result.
For an entrepreneur, this can be a business that offers a solution for specific customers. For an artist, a piece of designer furniture that eventually ends up in a gallery and is sold in this way. 
In both cases it starts with man himself, with all his talents, drives, experiences and other sources, and through experimentation one achieves a result in the outside world. 

So entrepreneurship is an art and vice versa! 

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